A visit to David and Ronnie's new (awesome, fantastic, amazing) PTown summer hizzy. It's exactly what I'd want in a house. Huge windows to let in lots of light, tons of bedrooms for guests to come and play, a huge kitchen connected to a comfortable living area on the top level so the cook is never out of the action, a beautiful huge dining room table with bench seats to fit everyone ... and an expansive porch overlooking a soon-to-be-pool (once they pick the tile color) :) The weekend was totally chill and just what I needed. Activities included the "saga of the lawnmower" (for the record, Ronnie totally won ... late-ah old lawnmower!), a visit to the garden center, samples galore ... and some QT beach time with Jackie O. Of course there was wine, and David's fantastic (and fiery!) cooking ... then Ronnie kicked our butts at Scrabble - but I, I, I, I scored my lifetime game high ... which was still the lowest of the three :)