This day. was. awesome. Ithaca revisited via Jersey. I lived with Gretchen and Alexis in a very tiny triple our sophomore year at Ithaca College. We're talking small. This was after I basically lived with them the entire Freshmen year because of need-not-be-named roommate "issues". Nearly everyone said we would not remain friends through the triple year. Instead, we had one hysterically non-fight fight and came out of it like "whatcha mean not friends?" (Then I moved to UMass-Amherst and joined forces with these gals, but that's another story).

Not only do these women know me better than I know myself most times, but they support me and inspire me more than I think even they know. It was hard to fit more than a year into less than a day, but we tried. We talked at Gilmore Girls tempo until the sun went down. We celebrated our summery visit (Dessert: Gretchen's famous white peach n' blueberry pie), an early birthday (Dessert: Chocolate pudding pie) and Alexis' graduation (Dessert: Smarty pants cup cakes). I think we also covered the 4th of July (Dessert: slice and bake flag cookies). We laughed until our belly's ached and, as you can most likely gather, ate until said bellies almost exploded. Did I mention this day was awesome?